What I offer


Experiencing a suitable collaborative fit between a client and coach is one of the most important conditions that contribute to a thriving coaching engagement. There should be enough trust between us to explore the at times unfamiliar pathways that may reveal exciting new possibilities. I offer a free 30 minute session for us to meet each other, you will have time to share what you are looking for, I describe the way I work, and we mutually assess whether we think a coaching engagement has potential.

1 session, 30 min FREE


I work with a series of 6 sessions when starting a coaching engagement. This is a feasible commitment for the client and provides enough time to really get something tangible from the sessions. After 6 sessions we get a chance to reflect on the process and decide whether and how to continue. Ideally these 6 sessions take place over a duration of no more than 12 weeks.

6 sessions, 50 min each 


For clients that have worked with me before and have gone through an activation or generation process, I offer individual once-off sessions to focus on specific topics as they arise.

1 session, 50 min each 


After starting to actively do the work, a series of 8 sessions works well to delve deeper, generate insights and put learnings into practice. This allows for consistency and a rhythm for things to unfold and emerge as they need to, while setting a limit to prevent a never-ending coaching engagement. Clients working on a deeper process usually continue for several of these series of 8 sessions. 

8 sessions, 50 min each