My Services

Triage Consultation

Establishing and customising a standardised process that prioritises workload to facilitate levelling of demand and capacity.

I facilitate teams in:

  • Developing a standardised triage process that is contextually and culturally adapted to their specific needs
  • Establishing a standardised training and integration package

Team Coaching

Working with teams to evaluate challenges and conflicts to build a healthy and reliable team environment that promotes opportunities for growth, learning and evolving.

I facilitate teams in:

  • Developing their own model for leading communicatively.
  • Establishing a robust inner core to move through uncertainty and unpredictability
  • Developing increased awareness of their team roles and the ability to rotate these roles
  • Sensing the team dynamics within their workspace so as to establish resilience, bounce, agility and creativity

Teams I Work With

  • Biopsychosocial Health | Education
  • Environment | Food | Water | Energy | Climate

The End-Goal

In realising the potential of your team, you will:

  • Be able to understand your role in the team and communicate effectively with your team members.
  • Use conflict situations as opportunities for growth and strengthening your teams.

Once your mindset has shifted, you can build or rebuild your team with:

  • Open and transparent communication among team members.
  • Healthy, happy and reliable team members that love what they do.
  • Team members that are curious to try out new and different ways of working.