My approach is rooted in the theory and practice of Gestalt, Biomimicry, Embodied Learning and Warm Data to support leaders in cultivating their influence as catalysts, their personal presence and field awareness to nurture generative relationships through dialogue. As a certified Gestalt coach, my approach to individual, group and system coaching is to enter and engage at the boundary of the human system with respect and heightened awareness, using sound neuroscience, embodied learning, field theory and psychology as a foundation to understand what it means to interrupt and intervene in the system.

I have had the honour of working with a variety of international Startups, Small to Medium size Enterprises and large companies within the public and private sectors of education, health and  corporate in areas of system automation, telecommunications, transport, energy, information & technology. My greatest learning in the experiences I have had when engaging with individuals, teams and leadership has been that when attention, intention and curiosity come together, possibilities are generated for what appears unimaginable at the time. Having completed my PhD in Public Health I draw from my background experience in co-creating, prototyping  and validating the South African Triage Scale used in emergency centres and emergency care services across South Africa & Africa, selected MSF field hospitals and parts of Europe. I have more recently become a certified people need people host and biomimicry practitioner which has led me to explore and co-create futuring immersion journeys.

The art of perception

Gestalt meaning whole form or shape is about:                                                                      
1. Awareness - what are you sensing & noticing in this present moment?                
2. Dialogue - what is our interpersonal exchange enabling us to learn about the relational?         
3. Social Field - what are we learning through the contexts and interconnectedness of things within the whole?
4. Creative Embodiment - what might be tried or practiced that brings about new experiences or possibilities and therefore new choices?          


As a certified Biomimicry practitioner, I am curious about decentralised & distributed organisational forms that are responsive to rapid changes across contexts.

I am deeply inspired when immersing myself in the wild wisdom of nature, learning from her design principles and translating these strategies to address our human challenges.

Drawing inspiration from Nature

Nature has much to teach us regarding relationships, complexity, evolutionary agility and resilience.                    

I believe that nature inspires the emergence of value-based solutions by providing understanding and insight, we just need to change the way we look and think.

Embodied Learning

Our body is incredibly wise and intelligent with all the capacity to heal itself and all sensory capabilities to teach us. We experience emotions in our bodies when our heart begins to race and we get cold with anxiety or when we are dizzy with joy and lose our appetite.     

I believe that when we embody a process, we begin to practice a deeper connection to self and connect more deeply with the relational aspects of that process. We activate the imagination in very different and experiential ways.

Warm Data

Warm Data is a specific kind of information about the way parts of a complex system, such as members of a family, organisms in the oceans, institutions in society, or departments of an organisation, come together to give vitality to that system. Warm Data describes their interplay in often multiple contexts.

I believe that the more we create spaces for stories, dialogue and playful connection across contexts, the more we may begin to feel at ease with navigating uncertainty & complexity by allowing things to emerge.