Establishing Fertile Ground To Sow The Seeds
That Grow A Resilient Team

Triage Consultation

Establishing and customising a standardised process that prioritises workload to facilitate levelling of demand and capacity.

Team Coaching

Providing teams with the support, skills and systems to develop a robust inner core ready for unpredictable externals. 

Overwhelmed by an unpredictable, heavy workload?

Is task switching costing you money and time?

How do you decide on priorities?

Does your team operate at its full potential?

Is conflict stunting your team’s creative output?

How does your team communicate?

Meet Michele Twomey

I enjoy combining my love for nature and creative expression with my background in communication sciences, gestalt and public health. My practical work with teams allows me to challenge my own thoughts, beliefs and assumptions  to venture beyond my comfort zone and learn alongside the people I encounter and work with.

My learning journey continues  as I deepen my understanding of why and how groups transform into teams in different contexts and become an organisation's greatest asset.

Let's Work Together